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Nottingham City Cycle Ambitions Project

City centre improvements


As part of the Nottingham Cycle City Ambition Programme we will make the City Centre more accessible by bike and make travel across the City Centre easier.

Two low traffic routes have been identified which will help cyclists get across the City Centre. The north – south route will link Canning Circus to the Western Cycle Corridor and Canal via the Ropewalk, Park Terrace and Castle Road. The east – west route will cross the City Centre via Castle Gate, Low Pavement, High Pavement and Hollowstone.

These routes will connect the proposed cycle corridors and provide connections to the wider cycle network.

In addition to the low traffic routes there will also be improved cross City routes for cyclists delivered as part of the changes which will take place through the Inner Ring Road, Creative Quarter, Broadmarsh and Connecting Eastside schemes. Cycle improvements will be included in all of these City Centre schemes to ensure that the cycle corridors link up, take people to key destinations and do not abandon cyclists at major junctions on the highway network.

The two low traffic routes will require minimal infrastructure and benefit from measures such as allowing two-way cycling on one-way streets. We will implement these routes this year and look at how we can open up more streets for cyclists in this way.

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