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Nottingham City Cycle Ambitions Project

Cross-City cycle routes

As part of the Nottingham Cycle City Ambition Programme, ambitious high quality north – south and east – west cross city cycle corridors will be developed.

Design work is well underway, drawing on best practice for cycle design and making use of the recently released Transport for London Cycle Design guide and the Sustrans Handbook for Cycle Friendly Design, as well as drawing on influences from the Transport for London Cycling Infrastructure Best Practice study.

The cycle corridors and their delivery will be closely aligned to Inner Ring Road, Creative Quarter, Broadmarsh and Connecting Eastside schemes. Cycle improvements will be included in all of these City Centre schemes to ensure that the cycle corridors link up, take people to key destinations and do not abandon cyclists at major junctions on the highway network.

These pages are currently under construction and on completion will provide information around the programme following it from consultation to construction phases ensuring that Nottingham residents, partners and interested parties are kept informed.

Key benefits currently identified for Cross City Cycle Routes include:

The cross-city cycle project comprises the following four separate stages: select one for more information.